11.60 goes final

December 6th, 2011

Opera 11.60 has been released today!

The desktop team would like to thank everyone for testing and reporting issues.

If you haven't tried Opera's built-in mail client (M2) yet, now is the time to do so. Opera's mail UI has been completely revamped in Opera 11.60, is easy to setup and works well in combination with webmail services.

11.60 also features an updated version of the browser enginer (including Opera's new HTML5 parser, Ragnarök) and many improvements in the address field, including an easy way to add pages to bookmarks or speed dial.

More details about what is new in Opera 11.60 can be found in the changelogs.

Stay tuned for Opera 12 snapshots!

Download Opera 11.60

Changelog since 11.60 RC 2

  • DSK-349986 Gnome and Unity lose styling when Opera shuts down after the clipboard has been used