Drupal Association Board Election Results for 2011

October 31st, 2011

Earlier this year the Drupal Association began a process to elect and build a new board. In July a call for nominations was made and the community responded with over 50 submissions. The nomination committee spent many weeks reviewing the nominations, following up with potential candidates, until finally submitting a slate of nominees, which was…

A Best Practice for Programming with Vendor Prefixes

October 29th, 2011

Vendor prefixes enable Web developers to experiment with new standards before they reach the Candidate Recommendation stage. I previously wrote how these prefixes are also a mechanism browser vendors use for handling timing conflicts between implementations and specifications. In building demos of new features for our IE Test Drive site and in various presentations, many…


October 28th, 2011

Gallery Images Facebook – get the images form your Facebook to your joomla site Features + Get images from diffirent Facebook account + Every where with plugin content and module + Set comment/like box for album + Chose layout for fullscreen mode We are pleasure to receive your valuable comment to improve this extension !

Login Styles

October 28th, 2011

Login Styles provide stylable authentication module in three preformatted styles : Horizontal – Much required format if you want to login from a toolbar or header/footer. Vertical – Useful for logging from the vertical sidebar. Popout – This one is a space-saver. It shows just a simple ‘Login’ button which can be styled. On clicking…

Daily Aphorism

October 28th, 2011

Daily Aphorism is usable multipurpose example daily aphorism, historical events, daily Qur’an verses etc. Module use txt file for source wich called in parameter. Also configurable daily (support 365 days) or random. You can use more then one as copying on administrator at the same time. You must use words in txt files like: words|author|date…

BonkoWall Image Walll

October 28th, 2011

Add a Cooliris Enbed Wall to your site i 2 second… You can show images and video from: Local File System Picasa Flikr You Tube You can customize soundtrack, caption, colors link and much more.

iCopyright Article Tools

October 28th, 2011

iCopyright Article Tools allow visitors to your site to share your content with others, ensuring proper attribution and links back to your site. The toolbar adds PRINT, EMAIL, POST, and REPUBLISH buttons to your articles, and an interactive copyright notice. The toolbar also enables other sites to syndicate your content and pay you based on…


October 28th, 2011

Add a live chat capability that has real-time content sharing to your Joomla site. VeriShow is the world’s first multimedia platform for delivering live help and real-time sales support to website visitors. The Joomla extension enables you to interact with site visitors in real time using live chat, voice and video and access a host…

PGMap – Google Map

October 28th, 2011

PGMap is the easiest to use Google Map module for Joomla with the most intuitive instalation and customization. No Google Map API Key needed !!!! Lots of standard features: custom marker’s image, drag and drop marker and much more. Features: – Google Map v3 – No Google Map API Key. – Dynamically adjust map’s position,…


October 28th, 2011

When a visitor enters a site which employs social networking buttons from sites such as Google or Facebook the corresponding share buttons start sending immediately information from this particular visitor to their motherships. German legislation has found that this violates the data privacy rights of a user because she neither knows nor can control what…