Debugging and Tuning Web Sites and Apps with F12 Developer Tools in IE11

July 30th, 2013

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 comes with a completely redesigned and enhanced suite of in-browser developer tools that help developers build, diagnose, and optimize modern Web sites and apps across multiple devices. The new tools, which we call F12 for short, enable Web developers to work quickly and efficiently. The Visual…

Pro Age Check

July 29th, 2013

Do you sell goods or display content which children should not be able to purchase or view? Do you own an adult website in a country which by law requires you to verify the age of your visitors? Whatever your requirements are, this module can verify your visitors age and let them either browse your…

Easybook Reloaded

July 29th, 2013

Easybook Reloaded is an easy and simple guestbook component for Joomla! which, nevertheless, offers you many useful features. Features * Full administration from the Front-end * E-Mail notification with hashlinks (edit without login) * Powerful spam protection – arithmetical problem, time lock, self-defined question, block IP addresses (with range), maximum number of links, time lock…

ARRA Facebook Login

July 29th, 2013

ARRA Facebook Login Module allows your members to signup/sign-in using Facebook Connect API. Module display a username and password log in form based on default Joomla! Login Module and Facebook Login button build with PHP SDK 3.0. It also display a link to retrieve a forgotten password. If user registration is enabled (in User Manager…


July 29th, 2013

Always wanted to receive feedbacks from visitors ? Tired of receiving E-mails with requests ? Listen to the visitors’ voice and distribute your services by involving your visitors into it through MijoVoice. With MijoVoice you can have your own idea pool and administer everything through the Joomla! administration panel. MijoVoice is a Joomla User Feedback…


July 29th, 2013

jVArcade is based on the most popular arcade extension ever built for Joomla (PUArcade). Having the permissions of the original developer, jVitals has taken jVArcade to the next step in it’s evolution. With a complete rewrite of the extension making it compatible with the latest versions of Joomla, fully SEF compliant, MVC Compliant and simple…


July 29th, 2013

TsGrabber – unique, powerful, multi-function grabber RSS feeds. Extension consists of a component and plugin. The component is used to configure the grab articles from a variety of tapes. Plugin performs a technical function processing RSS documents. Feeds Each feed has its own name, address RSS document. News will be added to this menu item,…

VM AddToCart Effect

July 28th, 2013

This plugin adds a nice slide effect when you add a product to the cart in the product details page. Click to add to cart then the main image will duplicate and go in the cart, then hide and add to the cart.

Ko! Restaurant Menu Creator

July 28th, 2013

It is now easier than ever for any restaurant, hotel or private chef to bring their paper menus to the social Web 2.0 era. This new Joomla! component allows you to create and display a restaurant food (or drink) menu on mobile devices, tablets and the world wide web (3 different templates). The user-friendly administration…


July 28th, 2013

Saxum Numerology is a free numerological calculator component. Its main feature is that it calculates a single-digit number from the specified data and gives an evaluation from that. In case of numbers and dates calculation means summing digits until the result is a single-digit number. For example: 01.21.1967 -> 0+1+2+1+1+9+6+7 = 27 -> 2+7 =…