What Data Crunchers Say About the Super Bowl

January 31st, 2015

The big game is on Sunday and we know who’s going to win. OK, no we don’t, but Microsoft’s Cortana thinks she does and she has a pretty good track record. If you remember, she called every single elimination match of last year’s World Cup, including the final, correctly. That’s right, she was 15/15. But…

The Salesforce Wave Rolls Past Its First 100 Days

January 30th, 2015

When Salesforce announced its Wave analytics platform with a splash at Dreamforce, it wasn’t even available. Critics said it cost too much or that even after two years of development, it was too little too late. Some analysts, like Boris Evelson at Forrester Research, praised it for its "seamless integration" and agile NoSQL DBMS. "But,"…

Smaato Promises Mobile Publishers More Control, More Money

January 30th, 2015

Smaato, a company that offers advertising tools for mobile publishers and developers, just launched the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX), an ad server for mobile publishers. The San Francisco-based company claims it will help publishers and developers monetize their apps and maximize their mobile advertising fill rates and the effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPMs). With…

CMSWire Tech Super Bowl: Seattle vs. New England

January 30th, 2015

Forget the Patriots vs. Seahawks. Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts. Tom Brady against Russell Wilson. The 49th Super Bowl of the National Football League — set for Sunday, Feb. 1 — also features an undercard of two respected tech cities going head to head. With that, we bring you today the first CMSWire Tech Super Bowl….

Managing Content? Start with Metadata

January 30th, 2015

To effectively manage and exploit a company’s knowledge, you need a metadata plan. The successful implementation of any content-related strategy — be it data, digital assets or text — requires implementation of a holistic metadata schema that is supported by technology, people and process. Building a DAM or CMS without a metadata plan is akin…

Microsoft Gives Apple Users OneDrive For Business Access

January 30th, 2015

Last year, Microsoft promised One Drive for Business for Mac would be ready by the end of the year. It wasn’t. However this week Microsoft finally released the first public preview. The comes only two weeks after Microsoft announced that it was pulling the OneDrive consumer storage service and the OneDrive for Business storage together…

The New Age of Intranets: Planning & Corporate Communications

January 30th, 2015

When you’re in corporate communications, your job is communication first, technology second. Of course you need the right technology for your intranet (among all of the other things you do), but that technology is a means to an end. What your career is built on is the communications. When the corp comms group owns the…

Is Microsoft Investing in a Google Android Competitor?

January 30th, 2015

Anyone who still thinks that Android is truly open source, move along, there’s nothing here for you. For those that believe Google has imposed too much control over it, then news that Microsoft may be investing in a small start-up called Cyanogen that is setting itself up as a competitor to Google will probably be…

The Rewards of Community Superfans

January 30th, 2015

It’s 1927. Meet three brothers from Southeastern Kansas. Lynn is away at medical school, Glen has just gone off to college. He’s pledged a fraternity and plans to major in business. Raymond is still in high school in their home town, Fredonia. Suddenly, their father dies. The brothers decide the two key family objectives are…

Marketers Are Mastering Digital Advertising, Adobe Suggests

January 30th, 2015

Adobe’s fourth quarter 2014 Digital Advertising Report shows digital advertising is becoming increasingly efficient — and that smart advertisers understand the nuances of customer behaviors, including the top days of the week for search. The report analyzed search and social media data and trends around Google, Yahoo/Bing and Facebook. It’s based on more than 500 billion Google…