Still Hoping for Better Native Page Transitions

April 21st, 2021

It would be nice to be able to animate the transition between pages if we want to on the web without resorting to hacks or full-blown architecture choices to achieve it. I could imagine an API that would run stuff, perhaps integrating with WAAPI, before the page is unloaded, and other stuff after the next…

Become an Early Adopter With the Gutenberg Plugin

April 21st, 2021

In WordPress circles (whether it’s your local meetup, a trusted publication, or your networking group), you may have heard terms like Core Editor, Gutenberg, and the Block Editor used interchangeably over the last four years. And if you’re following contributor work on the project itself, you may also have heard some additional nuances—Gutenberg plugin, Gutenberg,…

New progress toward our 24/7 carbon-free energy goal

April 20th, 2021

Like so many, I’ve been spending more time outdoors this year, whether it’s taking walks with my dog or hiking with my family. This extra time in nature has given me a deeper appreciation for the work being done to preserve our planet for future generations. At the same time, wildfires and other climate disasters…

Join us for our first virtual Web Stories workshop

April 20th, 2021

The Web Creators team at Google is inviting anyone who creates content on the web to our first-ever virtual Web Stories workshop. Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular Story format, which allows you to engage your audience like never before. Create richer, more intimate, and more meaningful experiences that connect with your…

Bring iconic Japanese characters to life with AR in Search

April 19th, 2021

We all need a bit of escapism sometimes, and there’s nothing like a blast from the pop-culture past to do the trick. Today, we’re bringing characters from classic Japanese anime, games, and TV shows to life — from Pac-Man to Hello Kitty — with augmented reality (AR) in Search. Japan’s anime and video game culture…

EMVCo, FIDO Alliance, and W3C Renew Commitment to Enhance Security and Interoperability of Web Payments

April 19th, 2021

The FIDO Alliance, EMVCo, and W3C announced today the renewal of the Web Payment Security Interest Group, to continue to enhance the security and interoperability of various Web payments technologies. The group participants will continue to define areas of collaboration and identify gaps between existing technical specifications in order to increase compatibility among different technologies….

Culture needs us, as much as we need culture

April 17th, 2021

Last month, a horn player sounded an 18,000-year-old conch shell, discovered in 1931 at Marsoulas Cave in France. In doing so, he confirmed that the shell was not only decorative but the oldest wind instrument of its kind. In January this year, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the world’s oldest cave painting was revealed,…

Ask a Techspert: How can we fight energy rush hours?

April 16th, 2021

Editor’s Note: Do you ever feel like a fish out of water? Try being a tech novice and talking to an engineer at a place like Google. Ask a Techspert is a series on the Keyword asking Googler experts to explain complicated technology for the rest of us. This isn’t meant to be comprehensive, but…

Not Your Typical Horizontal Rules

April 16th, 2021

The default browser style for <hr> is so weird. It’s basically: border-style: inset; border-width: 1px; The default border-color is black, but the border doesn’t actually look black, because the inset border “adds a split tone to the line that makes the element appear slightly depressed.” If I kick up the border-width to 40px you can…

Meet your new travel guides

April 16th, 2021

Exploring the hidden sites of a city or learning about fascinating places, people and stories can be fun on your own, but it becomes a whole new experience when having exceptional guides. In the newest episodes of the Google Arts & Culture video series “Perspectives,” tennis champion and entrepreneur Venus Williams, award-winning songwriter, actor, and producer actor…