2J Scroll To

December 30th, 2012

2J Scroll To2J Scroll To it’s multifunctional scrolling tool for Joomla! 2J Scroll To allow you to create multipurpose buttons on selected pages of joomla website which could scroll your page up to the window, to some anchor in content, css id or class on page. Even more you can define custom link for button to the internal or external page. No limits for amount of scroll buttons per page. Front end interface based on CSS3. Customizable on hover animation effect.
* Scroll to the text function;
* Scroll To the anchor or CSS class/id function;
* CSS3 interface of the buttons;
* Image as button function;
* Fade effect with fade time configuration;
* Ability to show button on single or multiply pages;
* Scroll time configuration;
* Custom labels of the button: support HTML, CSS images on button;
* Move Up of the page function;
* Possible to insert button into the article with plugin tags.