360 Carousel

November 19th, 2013

360 CarouselThe 360 Carousel is a bootstrap based carousel module which has been massively improved by . You can use up to 24 items with the 360 Carousel, you can choose how many items to display in one row (multi item feature) , the Carousel has a great overlay for each item, uses CSS3 animations, title, content, image zoom, and is linkable to any URL you like. This is probably the best carousel for Joomla – easy to configure but still very powerful and feature-rich.

Each item consists of:

– preview image
– full image (zoom)
– title text
– content text
– a link to any URL

This means that you can use the 360 Carousel (besides using it as ‘normal’ Carousel) e.g to showcase your featured products with direct link to the shop, or as a carousel menu, or even as a gallery. Let your creativity decide what you can do with this fantastic Carousel.

Key features:

– single or multi item ability
– overlay for each item, theme color selectable
– CSS3 based effects
– easy to configure
– can be used as showcase, carousel menu, gallery, etc
– bootstrap based

Available localizations:

– english
– german