3D Turntable

February 5th, 2012

3D TurntableAn image is worth a thousand words. And how about an interactive one!

Introducing the most powerful 3D Turntable plugin for Joomla to create 360° view of objects or panoramic views of scenes. Not just a turntable, it has a lot of exciting features apart from turntable that you can use it to present your 3D or real world objects and images in the most visually attractive and user interactive way.

Turntable Creation

– Create 360° turntable for 3d or real world objects.
– Create turntable using a sprite image.
– Create panoramic views with single large panorama image.
– Create panoramic views with sprite image.
– Create Multirow turntable for 3d or real world objects – covering beyond usual 360° span.


– Intuitive operation. Supports mouse wheel and touch (for iPads and such)
– Mouse drag operation.
– Animated rotation and inertial motion.
– Catch and throw objects , so the object rotates at the speed you throw.

Design Integration

– Can be integrated seamlessly with your existing site design.
– Comes with its own CSS file for style customizations.
– No need of flash or special browser extensions. Its just image…

Browser Compatibility
Tested on IE7, IE8, Firefox 8, Opera 11, Chrome 14, Safari 5.1

Joomla Usage
– Integrate Turntable within your articles.
– Can have multiple turntable on single page.
– Each turntable can be customized with different settings.

Supported Image Formats
-supports .jpg, .png and .gif.