40° Showcase PRO

May 25th, 2012

40° Showcase PRO is a Mootools driven image slide show using article or menu links, titles and descriptions to create an amazing article presenter for your Joomla! website.

40° Showcase PRO features 6 different transition types.
Mootools: Fade, Slide, Rotate, Zooms
Canvas: Grid and Drawer

Mainly all effects are free to be combined to offer endless transition effects.

You can setup up to 10 different slides with individual in and out transitions, adjustable z-index, choosable styles, parameters for the title and navigation bar’s transparency and you even can hide it.

Overrides for each article’s duration and transition duration give you a maximum of flexibility.

Use direct article links or menu items to link to your content.

Get ready, rock your site! With 40° Showcase PRO!


Version 1.0.1: z-index fix