A calendaring tool is now available for W3C groups

March 16th, 2021

screenshot of a detail of a group event

Today we announced the Beta of a group calendaring service, developed by the W3C Systems Team. The tool aims to help W3C Groups schedule their meetings and share them with the W3C community. A new “Calendar” tab is now available from our group pages, lists all upcoming meetings a given group has scheduled, and enables in particular viewing times in different time zones (including your own), exporting and subscribing to an iCal feed.

This has been a long-standing request from W3C Groups to manage calendars of events, subscribe to them as well as easily view them on the Web, thus facilitating participation in, and scheduling of group meetings. You can read more in Jean-Gui Rouel’s blog posts about the tool’s discovery phase and about functionalities and future roadmap.