A Cool SobiPro Search

February 19th, 2013

No hacks to the joomla or sobi core.
Everything is encompassed in third party modules, plugins, customTasks and components designed to work specifically with sobi2.
Spacial SQL for geo search.
AJAX calls for map search results. (no postbacks)

com_geosearch: This is the core component of the search. From this component you will synchronize all your sobi listings with the geometry database. It also has global config parameters that should correspond with your street, city, state, country feilds.

mod_geosearch: This is the interface for the map. Featurres two types of searches, radius and polygon. The polygon search allows the user to define a territory and search for listings within that territory, by drawing a bounding box on the google map and pressing the search button.

plg_sobi_geo: This is a plugin specifically for sobi2. This plugin allows you to dump that cumbersome Fetch Coordinates button on the Add Entry form and just force the user to enter a street, city, state, zip. When the form is submitted this plugin will use the address information to get the latitude and longitude coordinates automatically.

custom.functions.php: This is a custom function you will have to add to sobi2’s registry to display the vcard results along with the map results.

When these 4 pieces combined, you will have a powerful new searching device for sobi2.

New stuff:
1.) added metric parameter to mod_geosearch admin for kilometers/miles
2.) admin has the option to list all US states or just provide an empty text box for non US users.
3.) admin has the option to select what he wants the search to default to, either polygon or radius.
4.) V-card listings have now been eliminated

More new stuff. Version 4.0
5.) Added google labs library of screen markers. An array of colors is now available.
6.) Added default terrain type.
7.) Option to change polygon,radius line and fill colors.
8.) Auto Find feature allows the map to auto locate the user and attempts to pre-populate the city, state, country, zip codes.
9.) Fixed bubble template to show addresses correctly.
10.) Moved bubble template to module parameters.
11.) Added marker clustering for large result sets.
12.) Refactored code for quicker results.
13.) Upgraded google maps javascript code to 3.0 API.
14.) Added get directions portion
15.) Added Print functionality.
16.) Show entire details view on one page