A new Chrome for a new iOS: Better Google Apps integration and improved voice search

September 18th, 2013

Just in time for iOS7, comes a new Chrome for iOS. Starting today you can download the latest update to Chrome for iOS for both your iPhone and iPad. You’ll notice a new design for iOS7, including improvements to the fullscreen experience on your iPad.

Better Together: Chrome integrates with your favorite Google Apps

It’s now easier to switch between Chrome and your favorite Google Apps on your mobile device. Sign in to Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, and the next time you open another Google app, you can login with one simple click. Easily add or remove accounts in Settings.

Links from Chrome can now directly open in the YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ apps. For example, if you’re searching for a nearby Thai restaurant, Chrome will open the address in the Google Maps app. Just visit “Google Apps” under Settings to select which apps you’d like to open from Chrome.

Fluid Searching: Intelligent pronoun understanding & snap back to search results 

With today’s update, voice search on Chrome for mobile gets better. You can now string together multiple voice searches with pronouns to get to results faster. For example, a voice search for “Who is the president of the United States?” followed by “Where did he go to school?”, lists all the schools President Barack Obama attended (all the way back to elementary school!).

Try it out by asking:

  • “Who is the prime minister of Canada?” and then, “How old is he?”
  • “How many people live in Pennsylvania?” and then, “When did it become a state?”
  • “Who directed Star Trek Into Darkness?” and then, “Who is his wife?”

Finally, it’s even quicker to return to your search results. Search result link you clicked not what you were looking for? We’ve sped things up so that as soon as you hit the back button, all your results reappear instantly.

Try out the latest version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad today.

Posted by Miranda R. Callahan, Software Engineer and Dedicated Speeder-Upper