A New Design is Coming to WordPress News

June 3rd, 2021

After many years of a tidy, white-space-filled design on, it’s time to bring new life to the way we present our content. So much has changed since this site was first created: the people who read it, the type and variety of what is published, even the way WordPress works have changed.

Which means it makes sense to change our theme.

Earlier this year, Matt requested a new design from Beatriz Fialho (who also created the State of the Word slides for 2020). The design keeps a clean, white-space-friendly format while incorporating a more jazzy, playful feeling with a refreshed color palette.

A New Design is Coming to WordPress News

More detail on this modern exploration has been posted on I encourage you to stop by and read more about the thoughts behind the coming updates, and keep an eye out for the new look here and across!