A New Dev.Opera

April 22nd, 2014

Today, we’re happy to release a new, totally fresh version of Dev.Opera.

Before we started the refactoring process, we decided we wanted to go for a site that puts good article content in the spotlight (without too much visual noise in the margins), is lightweight with great performance, and makes use of GitHub’s pull request feature for new article submissions and site updates.

And 1200+ commits later, this is what we ended up with:

For the occasion, we’ve also merged our ODIN, Core, Sitepatching and Dragonfly blog content into Dev.Opera’s new blog section, and we’ve done a whole lot of spring cleaning, including archiving old content. If you’re missing something, check our static backup and let us know if you think it should be reinstated.

For the time being, the new Opera extension docs still use their own templates and layout, but the plan is to integrate those as well into the new site.

If you have comments, ping us on Twitter or file a bug.

If you want to help out or write for us, it’s as simple as doing a pull request.

So, stay tuned: we’re having some nice articles and updates in the pipeline the coming weeks and months!