A second Opera 11.00 final build for Linux/FreeBSD

January 21st, 2011

We have just pushed a new Opera 11.00 release for Linux and FreeBSD to our FTP, deb and download servers. The reason we’re doing this is that we just realized that the signing key for Debian packages expires the 23rd this month. Since Opera 11.01 is slated to be shipped after this date, we need to issue an updated Opera 11.00 with a new signing key before that, so that people are actually able to update to Opera 11.01 using the default package manager.

This new build is squarely aimed at users of Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux distros. However, to keep the build numbers on all UNIX platforms in sync, we’ve also pushed new builds for FreeBSD and others. You do not have to update unless you have an Ubuntu or Debian based distro. If you use Windows or Mac, there is also no need to update.