Accelerated process

January 30th, 2010

This spring we are doing everything a bit different. Firstly we have staffed up our desktop engineering team with a large number of great engineers. This means we are moving faster than ever before. Secondly, as you know, we are undertaking some massive changes to the platform integration that will give significant improvements for all three desktop platforms. The current estimates for the remaining work for Opera 10.50, however, indicates that we will reach final product quality earlier on Windows than on the other platforms. As such, we have decided to not let Windows users wait for the other platforms to catch up, and rather push it out earlier than the rest. You will notice this in the near future as we will reach the beta milestone for Windows, while Mac and Linux will reach beta around the time Opera 10.50 reaches final on Windows. When the Windows version hits final we will focus our attention on bringing the other platforms to the same quality as soon as possible. We also expect this to be an exception from how we work, meaning we will once again ship final versions for all platforms at the same time in the future.

Return of the penguin and Widgets for Desktop

This snapshot contains a new core update with a large number of fixes for regressions. Many features in 10.50 are more stable or work again like in 10.10. Widgets will also run as standalone applications again, as previewed in 10.20 alpha. And finally, Linux builds are back!

Other highlights:

  • Upgraded Carakan engine
  • Search box enhancements
  • Bookmark fixes
  • Improved stability
  • Restructuring of the Opera menu
  • Return of UNIX builds