Accordion Content JT1

November 17th, 2013

Accordion Content JT1Accordion Content JT1 Module reads content and articles from Joomla category and shows them as an Accordion Slider with Mouseover or click event. All elements of the frontend interface could easily be configured at the backend.

Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0
Module Width
Module Background
Module Padding
Open Tab Height
Open Tab Padding
Content From Joomla Category / Multiple Categories
Order News By (Recently added, Recently modified, Ordering)
Sort Order Type (Descending / Ascending)
Number of Items
Linked Title Color / Linked Title Hover Color
Linked Title Limit Type (Word or Character)
Linked Title Limit
Linked Title Border Style (solid-dotted-dashed)
Border-Top Color
Border-Bottom Color
Show Intro
Introtext Limit Type (Word or Character)
Introtext Length
Introtext Color
Show Introtext Titles
Introtext Title Color
Show Readon
Change Readon Text
Change Readon Color
Change Readon Position
Show More In Text (Show / Hide)
More in Float left or right
Change More In Text
Link images (Yes / No)
Width of Thumbnail (Px)
Height of Thumbnail (Px)
Image Float ( left, right or no-float)
Image Margin
Event type (Mouseover-Click)