Ad Space Platform

November 3rd, 2013

Ad Space PlatformAd Manager is a free Joomla extension that allows you to manage and monetize all your virtual ad spaces, including but not limited to website ad spaces, mobile website ad spaces, email ad spaces, RSS Feeds, Twitter profiles, and pretty much any other virtual ad space that allows the use of plain HTML or JavaScript, using one very sophisticated interface at

Features include but are not limited to:

* Unlimited Ad Spaces – manage and monetize all your virtual ad spaces using our platform with no limitations.

* Adspace MarketPlaceā„¢ – the ability to buy and sell ads thru our Adspace MarketPlaceā„¢.

* Receive Payments Directly – the option to receive payments directly to your PayPal account instantly after someone purchases one of your adspaces using PayPal or PayPal Adaptive Payments, which basically bypasses the middle-man along with any unnecessary additional payment gateway fees and/or holds that could have been incurred otherwise.

* Supports All Major Pricing Models – including Pay-Per-Click, CPM (Cost-Per-Mille) & 30-Day fixed.

* Supports All Major Banner Formats – including swf, gif, jpeg, png & plain text for Twitter ads.

* Built-In Revisioning System – that allows you to approve or decline any customer and/or their ad media.

* Professional Email Communication – that allows you to request information from your customers and keep them up-to-date.

* Third Party Network Support – the ability to integrate any third party ad network into your adspace as a fallback method when there are no ads to display.

* Fallback Banners Support – the ability to display your own banners as a fallback method when there are no ads to display.

* Advanced Customer Management Control Panel – complete control over your customers with the ability to cancel and/or refund any order if needed thru our ad manager section.

* Detailed Traffic Stats – view unique impressions, non-unique impressions, unique clicks & non-unique clicks.

* Block Any Customer – the ability to block any customer from purchasing from you and/or renewing their ad with you.

* Detailed Stats Charts – for a quick overview of your entire account at a glance.

* Supports All Major Forms Of Payments – including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, PayPal & Google Checkout.

* Supports Multiple Languages & Currencies – for you and your customer so that you can reach your full potential internationally.

* Auto-Renew Recurring Payments – that allows you or your customer to subscribe to any ad space on a recurring basis.

* Advertise With Us Button – that lodges on the side of your website to allow you to effectively promote your ad spaces.

* Customizable Public Profile Page – a professional & customizable profile page for you to showcase all your available ad spaces to the world.

* Advanced, Intuitive Control Panel – that allows you to manage all your ad spaces, customers, subscriptions & banners, all from one place.

and much much more!