Add FullAjax

November 24th, 2013

Add FullAjaxPlugin connect the FullAJAX library ( ) to Joomla! that allow simple use AJAX/AHAH tehnology on the Joomla sites.

Fullajax = AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) + AHAH (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP).

After(or before) install please read READ.HTML (look in archive).

If you have a template that wrote using the Joomla standards, all should start work automatically, so when all will be installed you can go to the main page and make sure that the plugin works, and your site now with FullAJAX 😉

Be warned: Plugin may be not fully compatible with some components, modules, plugins and the template frameworks.

If you want help improve compatibility with other extension please vote, or write your suggestion:

In version 2013.11.23:
– fix compatibility for Joomla! 3.2
– updated FullAJAX library to the latest version
– more detailed description for configuration

In version 2012.10.14:
– Joomla! 3.0 ready
– updated FullAJAX library to latest version
– fix problem with CSS links, when all links was converted in lowercase
– fix (I hope :)) “Error 500” that occurred with some templates
– fix “/null” after click back in some cases

New in version 2012.06.03:
– only for Joomla! 2.5 (for Joomla! 1.5 check older versions)
– optimized UI for configuration
– added automatic position update
– updated FullAJAX library to latest version
– several small changes