Add-on Guidelines in action – AVG Security Toolbar

October 7th, 2009

The AVG Security Toolbar team has recently released a new version of their toolbar. It has a more predictable user experience and does a better job of allowing users to stay in control of their browser. It’s a great example of the Guidelines for add-on developers in action.

It’s encouraging to see the example set by the AVG Security Toolbar team. They’re building valuable add-ons for people and at the same time they’re respecting user choice. Here are some high level examples of the changes they’ve made in the new version of their toolbar:

Kudos goes out to the AVG Security Toolbar team. On behalf of our shared customers, thanks. Following the Guidelines and using supported extensibility points in this way means that people have a consistent and reliable experience that allows them to stay in control of their browser. This is exactly what we’d like to see from all add-on developers.