Add-on Guidelines in Action – Crawler Toolbar

January 14th, 2010

A new version of the Crawler Toolbar has recently been released and comes with many improvements to the user experience similar to the changes we described in a previous post about the AVG Security Toolbar. It’s another great example of the Guidelines for add-on developers in action. Here are some high-level examples of the changes they’ve made:

  • The close button is visible so that users can manage it like other toolbars. Additionally, the toolbar is positioned in a supported location which improves stability and performance.
  • It no longer modifies the new tab page to maintain a predictable new tab experience for users.

Many thanks to the Crawler Toolbar team for the work they’ve done to provide a more predictable and reliable experience, keeping users in control of the browser.

-Paul Cutsinger and Herman Ng

Before: Previous version of Crawler Toolbar

After: Newest version ( of the Crawler Toolbar provides a more predictable experience and lets users stay in control of their browser