Admin Approval

December 22nd, 2013

Admin ApprovalAdmin Approval is a free to use Open Source Plugin for Joomla.

Admin Approval enables the Email Verification of newly registered users. To further enhance your site’s security – after the email verification from the user is done, administrator’s approval will also be required to activate the user account.

It integrates with Joomla, Joomla + JomSocial as well as Joomla + JomSocial + JSPT extensions.


1. No core hacks, its a plugin which makes it Easy and Quick to install.

2. One click approval link in email for admins, no hassle.

3. You can customize the emails from the language files.

4. A welcome email is also sent to user. You can customize it as per your needs with utmost ease.

5.This also integrates with JomSocial & our JomSocial Multiple Profile Type Plugin.

Once it is installed on website, you the administrator of website can selectively approve the joining request and the best part, “It’s completely free to use”.