Adobe Flash Now Supports InPrivate Browsing

February 12th, 2010

As a web browser, Internet Explorer is a platform for many kinds of add-ons (here are some great examples). IE users generally don’t distinguish between add-ons and Internet Explorer when it comes to performance, reliability, or privacy. They just use IE and expect it to work. That’s why the best add-ons do a good job of integrating with the IE user model, letting customers “just browse”.

Recently, Adobe announced that their latest version of Flash supports InPrivate Browsing. Version 10.1 of Flash will now respond to interfaces we built into IE8 when we first released it. When you browse to a site with Flash, it can store “Flash Cookies”, which are files created by Flash that websites can use to store data. Now, just like your IE history and cookies, these Flash objects will be deleted when you close your InPrivate Browsing window.

We’re really happy to see Flash adopt our InPrivate Browsing feature, and happy to see that they’ve also supported private browsing in Firefox and Chrome as well. Great job Flash team!

Andy Zeigler
Program Manager