Advance Login

April 21st, 2013

Advance LoginAdavance login module is design to make more flexible in your joomla website. This made with security in mind and easy to manage in basic settings on the module.

Below are the following features:

>Orientation/ Presentation options (horizontal or vertical)
>Adoptive to templates
>Flexibe (you can edit color)
>Security features / Encryption SSL option
>Prealoaded with theme colors (light/dark/red/green/blue/)
>Options to hide such as register/forgot password/forgot username
>Greeting option (hide/Show)
>Login/Logout redirection choices
>Pre-text/ Post text options fields
>Can define username length and password length
>Remember me check box (check/uncheck default)
>Greetings (hide/show)
>name/username options display