Advanced Google Plus Badge

February 26th, 2012

Advanced Google Plus Badge Module link your Google+ page to your site – Get more recommendations for your site in Google search and grow your audience on Google+ with this great Joomla! module.

Features :

– This module use Original Google Plus Script
– Style (Standard Badge, Small Badge, Small Icon, Medium Icon, Large Icon, No badge)
– Theme (Light or Dark badge)
– Heigth and width customization of Badge
– Customize Name and Alt of Icon style
– Tag Type (HTML5 Valid Syntax or Default g:plus tag)
– Enable or Disable Asynchronous Mode
– Parse (Onload or Explicit mode)
– Badge Language Configuration (All languages)
– Fully documented Module
– Multilanguage Module (English and French)
– No “Powered By” Footer Link
– Module Class Suffix