Advanced Login Redirect on 404

September 9th, 2011

Advanced Login Redirect on 404A clone of the Joomla System Redirector, but before falling back to looking for a redirect, determines if the only reason a 404 was encountered was due to user might need to login – and if so, sends them to the login form. This can still end in a redirect after they login to a 404 (because suppose you set the access of a page to MANAGERS but the user logs in and is a regular REGISTERED user).

ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH SITES USING SEF (if your joomla configuration does not have SEF URLs enabled, this plugin is not for you… sorry).

This just adds back in the functionality that Joomla used to provide to redirect to the login form when on pages that are authorize (remember the YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED… messages? Better than a 404!)

I built this for developers not happy with showing 404 messages to users just because they are not logged in, let’s redirect them and them and log them in. If they make it through login, they’re redirected to the page that would have raised the 404 and 99% of the time they have access. If permissions for the page are greater than they have once logged in, they will still get a 404…