Advanced Portfolio Gallery

October 2nd, 2011

Advanced Portfolio GalleryA nice and user friendly way to display your latest projects, create an “About Us ” web page, a “Services” web page or to display your latest news with unlimited text description, built-in 3 images slideshow with clickable images and unlimited extern links with the help of the HTML tags and not only.


Global Width and Height.

Border Thickness and Color.

Background Color and transparency to help you display this module on any website template.

Corner Radius for the entire portfolio , front thumbnails , tooltips, buttons and more. With this option you can change the entire look of the portfolio to your desire.

You have also a padding option for the portfolio’s elements to control their position.

Scroll Bar Settings: Corner Radius, Height, Color, Button Width, Button Height, Button Color, Button Over Color.

Thumbnails Settings: Width and Height, Corner Radius, Space between them.

Tooltip Settings: Background color, Background Transparency, Padding, Corner Radius.

Detailed View Buttons Settings:Buttons Size, Buttons Corner Radius, Space, Color and color when mouse over, Slideshow’s Numbers Color.

Project’s settings

For every project you have the option to add the title and the date of the project/news. Also to Add an unlimited text description with customizable font text and color and with Read more button for wich you can choose the name of it, the text color , size and the target(_blank; _self);

Every Project contains a built-in Slideshow with 3 images ; for every image you can set an external url and the target(_blank; _self) for it and also how much time you want the image to be displayed. You can use this images to set previews of your projects or news.