Advanced Site Search

September 25th, 2011

Advanced Site SearchAdvanced Site Search is a radical re-imagining of the standard Joomla search application offering numerous advantages for end users.

First and foremost, search results are ranked based on relevance, giving meaningful information for your site visitors and identifying the desired information more quickly. The relative ranking of each search result is optionally displayed (as shown in the screenshot below) allowing you to further evaluate similar results.

Advanced Site Search also makes it easy to securely search on multiple Joomla sites simultaneously. This is perfect for users with two or more sites within one organization, for example. Again, the context of the keywords on the site is used to determine the most relevant search results across all the sites specified.

Once you’ve performed a search, Advanced Site Search also offers powerful and familiar filters to narrow the results further. Fast Filters quickly show results from only the past day, week month or year. Advanced Filters contain the powerful filtering tools with options for exact date ranges and content categories.

We’ve also spent a lot of time making the interface friendly and intuitive. For example, with search results ranking there is no need for users to choose between searching for any keyword vs. an exact phrase match. Advanced Site Search is smart enough to recognize these and other similar patterns and and rank search results accordingly.

What’s more, site administrators can customize exactly how relevance is calculated! Even powerful search engines such as Google do not let third-parties know exactly how their rankings are calculated. If you are currently using Google Search or a similar service on your site you’ll want to give Advanced Site Search a try. The ability to customize how relevance is calculated is yet another novel feature of Advanced Site Search and allows site owners to taylor the search experience to the end users.

With these features and many more such as PDF and image indexing, new content notifications and the most powerful backend search ever created for Joomla, we are confident that once you try Advanced Site Search you’ll will never settle for another search engine for your Joomla web site.