Advanced Social Share Buttons

April 24th, 2013

Advanced Social Share ButtonsTwitter, Retweet, Facebook Like, Send or Share, Google Plus One, Linkedin, Digg or Stumbleupon

Dead simple way to put social sharing buttons into your articles in Joomla! To use, go to the plugin options and choose position-top to put social share buttons over articles, or position-bottom to put social share buttons under articles. Choose position-both to put social share buttons above and below articles.

You can insert a short code {advancedsocialsharebuttons} to include the buttons anywhere in your site within the text or html.

You can also show social share buttons in articles, categories,or the front page of your site.

It’s possible to exclude certain sections, categories or articles. In these options, just write the id of the sections, categories or articles to be excluded, with commas between each id. For example: 2,3,66,32

You can alternatively display just in certain articles, again by writing in the article ids seperated by commas.

All the social share buttons are editable.