Advanced Twitter Display

October 26th, 2011

Advanced Twitter DisplayThis is a module which displays a Twitter Lists created by you and also displays tweets from any user specified in module parameters. Also it comes with Authentication anywhere and with nice display of Follow me button. This makes a API call using OAUTH Authentication. Simply you have to get a consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret from twitter following this link Then you can just enter all details in the module config parameters. Run it once in the frontend before using cron job.

After that you can enable cron and use the jcron component to call the twitter plugin which you have downloaded. In the jcron component enable cron support and then create new cron task by selecting plugin path and in the command line give ‘twitter.writeuserdata’ and make another cron job and this time give ‘twitter.writelistdata’. First one calls the plugin to write the username data to a file and the second one calls to write the lists data to a file.

For any help you can always join the forum and get free support.