November 28th, 2013

AggregatorAggregator Platinum is Google Penguin/Panda safe Professional component to import Rss feeds in Joomla database with integrated Article Spinner and synonyms replacement:

Our Rss Feed Aggregator can aggregate, sort, import automatically meta, keywords and tags and process content for SEO optimization. Aggregator Platinum have robust cronjobs functionality with choice of hour, day, week and month and can work simultaneos with many rss feeds.

Every option is individual for every rss feed, are included options for:
– to import content in K2
– have Article Spinner to shuffle content
– have options to replace some keywords with synonyms
– insert texts with or without html in content before and after original content to make the content unique.
– generate meta and keywords automatically
– insert keywords before and after imported keywords (perfect for seo optimization).
– New seo function: Post tags directly in free tag component Advanced Tags
– insert keywords or phrases in title before and after original title to make the title unique
– can import videos from youtube
– download images local and import in content
– Cron to start every rss feed by your schedule. Component is robust and can work with over 5000 rss feeds in one site.

Real use scenario: In Your website You can have over 500, or 1500 Rss Sources – theoretically unlimited. Feed one is imported in Joomla database automatically every hour in 05 minute, rss feed two is imported every working day in 0 hour and 15 minutes, rss three in every monday in 3 hour 35 minute, rss feed four is imported every month on 3-rd day in 8:21 – all of this can be configured.

– Use our Aggregator for News sites or Business sites for growing Visitors and Impressions.
– You can make your Deep Links Directory or use it like Seo tool – to create automatically unique content in Joomla site and to use this content for seo optimization – to post links to other websites.

Requirements for Rss Aggregator Platinum:
You need latest Joomla 1.5.x or 2.5.x and PHP 5 or higher. Cron functionality is required for automatic work of web site.