Aixeena Content Box

November 13th, 2013

Aixeena Content Box is a module for Joomla 3.1 +.
Allows to show in a simple, stylish and colorful items list, filtered by category, tag, or author.

By clicking on each list item, the box displays a custom slide with the item image as background with the article category, title, intro text, date, read more…

The Aixeena Content Box is fully configurable. this are the main settings:

Category: show, hide, with link, no link, icon
Title: show, hide, with link, no link
Enter text: show, hide, cut, with HTML, no HTML
Date: show, hide, format, icon
Read more button: show, hide, text, color, size, icon, altenative Link A link
Width and height: responsive design mode or fixed width, height
Box background: color, article intro image mode, solid mode.
Slide design: background mode, transparency, appear, mode, fixed mode, arrows, text color.
Button Item list: color, size, icon, left or right postion, scrollable

You can choose to have a fluid design (Responsive Design that will automatically adapt the width of your computer screen or mobile) or fixed dimensions if you want the module width remains unchanged.

Aixeena Content Box uses some features offered by Bootstrap 3 from Twitter.

Filters options

By Category: You can filter by one or more categories.
By tag: you can filter by one or more tags, and include filters for unpublished tag (invisible tag option).
By signing of articles (published or unpublished by the active user)
Featured / not featured
By user, user group
By date range (days).

Ordering options

By date created (ascending or descending)
By modification date (ascending or descending)
By date of publication (ascending or descending)
By item order (ascending or descending)
By popularity (ascending or descending). You can create a list of the most popular items.
By featured item order.
Item list options

The list is fully configurable:

Button Type: you can choose between the Bootstrap button types, both in color and size (see bootstrap button options).
Icon Type: you can choose between icons offered Bootstrap, both black and white (see bootstrap icon options).
Scrollable: If the list exceeds the height set automatically appear elegant scroll bar.
Position: The list of items can be left or right.
Read more button

Read more button is fully customizable:

Button Type: you can choose between the Bootstrap 3 button types, both in color and size.
Icon Type: you can choose between icons offered Bootstrap 3.
Button Text
Option to replace the default item link, by link entered in the field link A.
Optimal scheduling

The main features of the code are:

Load and performance optimization.
Valid CSS and HTML.
Easy modification and customization.
Compatible with all major browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox …