Aixeena Modals

November 12th, 2013

Aixeena ModalsAixeena Modals is a powerful Joomla 3 module which allows to display different types of content in dinamic and elegant modal windows.

Aixeena Modals displays HTML , PHP code , iframes , embedded codes , articles and Joomla modules .

Aixeena Modals is fully configurable and does not require any programming knowledge.

The modal windows can be displayed with 14 different in/out effects and with over 10 different designed themes.

Combining effects and themes you can get hundreds of different ways to show the modals.

Furthermore, we can create our own design. First select the desired theme and then we can customize to our liking: colors, pictures, …

Aixeena Modals is compatible with most browsers (on computers , tablets and mobile): Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE9+, Andorid Browser and Dolphin Browswer. It´s also compatible with IE8 and IE7 but the CSS3 in/out effects will be not showed (people with IE7 and IE8 will see the modals and your content but without the effects).

You can choose between responsive design or fixed size.
If you choose resposive design the modals will be adapted to small devices. If you chose Fixed Size the windows size will not change.

You can enable or disable the module visible layout.
If you enable the visible layout, you can show in the module HTML or/and a button to call the modal window. Like all buttons in Aixeena Modals integrates Aixeena Buttons and are fully configurables.

You can disable the module visible layout and call the modal using a simple link