Aixeena News

November 12th, 2013

AAixeena News is a module for Joomla 3 that displays the selected and filtered articles in different layouts.

Why choose Aixeena News?

Because you can filter your items as you want.
Because you can sort the items in many ways.
Because you can display your item choices in many different ways.
Because is scheduled optimizing the code and presentation, with the guarantee of a well done job.

You can filter the items by categories and tags, by author, by user group, or if they have been published or unpublished by the active user. You can also select to include or exclude featured items and select or select the days of publication of articles.

You can sort the items by publication date, modification date, creation date, by item order, by featured item order, by popularity, all it in ascending or descending order.

Finally we can show the filtered and sorted items in 5 ways:

Vertical mode: on the vertical mode you can display the items with a fixed height and scrollbar.

List mode: integrates Bootstrap 3 list groups and icons.

Button list mode: this mode uses Aixeena Buttons and integrates Bootstrap 3 buttons and icons.

Horizontal mode: on horizontal default mode you can activate Masonry , to have a nice articles display effect.

Carousel mode: Aixeena News uses in the carousel mode jQuery.carouFredSel by Dev7studios.
All the module views are responsive designed (adapts the layout to the viewing environment).

You can see all possible ways to show the items in the demo section .


Aixeena News is fully configurable. This are the main settings:

Category: show, hide, with link, no link, icon
Title: show, hide, with link, no link
Intro text: show, hide, cut, with HTML, no HTML
Date: show, hide, format, icon
Read more button: show, hide, text, color, size, icon, altenative Link A link
Share buttons: show, hide
Enlarge button (modal window): show, hide, text, color, size, icon.
Width and height: responsive design mode or fixed width, height
Box ans item background: color, article intro image mode, solid mode.
Slide design: background mode, transparency, appear, mode, fixed mode, arrows, text color.
Button Item list: color, size, icon, left or right postion, scrollable
Images: show, hide, width, height, phpthumb or not, etc…

… and many more options