Aixeena Taxonomy System

April 15th, 2012

Aixeena Taxonomy System is a set of extensions to integrate a very simple navigation tags in Joomla 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5.

The package includes 4 extensions:

* Taxonomy Component: based on Joomla Search component is the one responsible for displaying the results for a given tag.
* The module “Taxonomy Cloud”: shows a cloud of tags most often repeated (from the article metakey field) .
* The content plugin “Tags”: shows the tags on the item.
* The search plugin “Tags”: complements Joomla search.

Aixeena Taxonomy System works using the native capabilities of Joomla!: The tags or keywords are entered in the field metakey the article, separated by commas.

Little more need be done, because the installation and configuration is simple:

* Install the extension package (will install four extensions of time).
* Publish the module and the plugins.
* Ensure that the search for tags plugin is first ordered the rest of search plugins (content, categories, etc …).
* Enter the tags or keywords in the field metakey items.

This component works perfectly with the multilingual native Joomla 1.6 +, and is completely non-intrusive and does not affect performance because it does not add scripts, styles or extra queries to the database.