AJ Article Listing – AJAX

January 19th, 2013

AJ Article Listing - AJAXFor Joomla 1.5.x this module allows you to show smart (AJAX) drop down menus of:
+ Sections > Categories > Articles
+ Sections > Categories
+ Categories > Articles
+ Only Sections
+ Only Categories
+ Only Articles

For Joomla 1.6, 1.7 & 2.5.x it allows you to show smart (AJAX) drop down menus of:
+ Categories { > Sub-Categories} > Articles
+ Only Categories { > Sub-Categories}
+ Only Articles

Note that the concept of Sections was removed from Joomla! as of version 1.6+, and that’s the reason why the AJ Article Listing module compatible with the latest Joomla! versions doesn’t include Sections, instead you can create Categories and an multiple Sub-Categories for the same effect and alternatively they can be displayed in a Tree Structure that resembles the old concept of Sections if that’s what you need.

This Module Features:

* Rendering of Menus via AJAX.
* Caching control.
* SEF URLs if specified in the Joomla! Global Configuration.
* Allows you to display multiple instances of AJ Article Listing module on a single page.
* Option to include/exclude specific sections, categories or articles.
* Show or Hide submit button.
* Option for automatically cutting off long titles at a specific number of characters.
* Multiple Sort methods available.
* Vertical or Horizontal layout.
* CSS parameters in the module parameters to allow easy styling of the menus and the submit button.
* Multi-language support via easy editable labels in the module parameters.
* A parameter for controlling the way articles are listed, 1 or 2 columns, etc.
* Native JS functions (No 3rd party JS libraries/frameworks required).
* Much more…

Make sure you check out the live demos…