AJ Simply Jobs Board PRO

March 5th, 2013

AJ Simply Jobs Board PROThe AJ Simply Jobs Board component makes millions of jobs from accessible and totally integrated on your own Joomla Website!. You can easily transform your website into a powerful Job Search Engine, or alternatively you can choose to hide the search functionality and create a Job section (or multiple sections) showing specific Job Listings that always have jobs that are relevant to your web content.

All you have to do is providing your own Job-a-matic account (It’s FREE to join) so can start taking full advantage of their revenue program for clicks on sponsored jobs and jobs posted through your Website.


+ SEO Friendly (auto-generated meta-tags, description, keywords and page titles)
+ Jobs from 24 Countries to choose from
+ Google Ads integration
+ Search Filters to predefine job searches or allow visitors to filter out their job search.
+ Localization-ready! Text Labels are editable as parameters and come with default values corresponding to the language spoken in the chosen country.
+ Tons of parameters available, tips & tricks included on the back-end allow you to create a very unique job search website.
+ Page Caching fully integrated with Joomla’s own caching system.
+ Much more…