Ajax Article Slider

October 25th, 2013

Ajax Article Slider is a load more widget for Joomla. It loads Joomla articles using php, ajax, mootools, bootstrap and mustache.

It displays your articles in an elegant “sliding” way. Many parameters so that to show as much options as you want. It uses session so that it “holds” the number of articles that are loaded. This means that when the user is “travelling” in different pages of your site the module keeps in the session the articles that the user loaded.

-> Load More button
-> Display article image
-> Option to show only featured articles
-> Display article author
-> Display article rating
-> Display article hits
-> Display article creation date
-> Display article category
-> Select specific article categories
-> Show a badge at the top with the articles that are already loaded
-> Maximum characters per article
-> Module customizable height
-> Use bootstrap css or not
-> Article ordering by Title or publish date (ascennding or descending)
-> Language support