AJAX Search for Virtuemart

December 27th, 2011

AJAX Search for Virtuemart is a searching module for Virtuemart using AJAX technology. It helps to search products faster and more easily because AJAX can transform information with server without having to reload the page. With this product, users can search for products in search form and get the search results with beautiful effect very easily and quickly.

With this module, administrators can set searching parameters in backend such as: categories, search through Product name, SKU, description, search for products available or not available in stock, etc.


Smart search tool: you don’t have to remember the product’s full name, just a part of the product’s name.
Admin can set searching parameters for module:

Search for fixed product types.
Search for products available or not available in stock.
Search by Product name, Product SKU, Product description.

Quickly and easily display search results.
Beautiful effects.
Using Dojo script library.