Alarm System

September 17th, 2013

Alarm SystemThe new version is now also available for Joomla 2.5! And has user specific PIN codes!

With the Alarm System extension for Joomla, an extra layer of security is added right after a user logs into the administrator. After a successful login, the user is presented with a PIN screen to disable the alarm system. When a user enters the correct PIN, the alarm will be disabled. When a user enters too many incorrect PINs, or doesn’t provide the correct PIN within the given time frame, the alarm system will be triggered. When the alarm goes off, be default the user will be logged out. If configured, a new log entry will be added to track which users have triggered the alarm system.

For now this extension offers pretty basic functions only. We are open for your suggestions and tips to improve and expand. Please share your ideas at our forum or leave a review and tell us what you like about it and what is still missing!

Suggestion forum page:

Alarm System configurable options:

– General options
Under general options you can enable the alarm and configure the settings. You can choose how many seconds a user is granted to disable the alarm system and how many incorrect PIN numbers are accepted before the alarm is triggered. By default the system allows users 30 seconds and 3 incorrect PIN entries.

– PIN settings
You can select the source of correct PIN codes. You can select to use a System wide PIN, which means all users will have to enter the same PIN. You can also select to use user specific PIN codes. This allows every user to have it’s own PIN code. The user PIN codes are managed by an admin with enabled access to edit PIN codes. These rights are configured in the component options.

– Alarm trigger settings
Here you can specify if you want a user to be logged out upon triggering the alarm.

– Logging
There is also a logging system for tracking what happens with the alarm. The system can log if an incorrect PIN is entered, if a correct PIN is entered (alarm disabled) or if the alarm is triggered. It also tries to gather additional information, such as which user has caused an event, and which incorrect PIN was entered

User specific PIN codes
From the control panel there is an option for User PIN codes. Here you can specify for each user if they should have the system wide PIN, or a specific user PIN. So you could have a couple of users with a specific PIN code, while the rest is using the system wide PIN code. If the system cannot find a specific PIN code for a user, it will fall back to the system wide PIN. For that reason it’s recommended to always set a system wide PIN code.

What else?
The Alarm System also supports subsystems to configure your own actions in case of alarm system events. You can create and install your own Joomla plugin handling responses when the alarm is triggered and or successfully disabled.