August 5th, 2012

AllocatorNative Joomla 2.5 extension ready to help you to manage specific time slot bookings. Visitors can book a selected time slot, which is still available and pay for the booking online or by bank transfer.
This extension can be used by individuals who want to amnage appointments or by property owners, who want to rent it fro e.g. sports match, fitness classes or a conference.

The Allocator supports 3 booking time formats – minutes, hours and days. That means one time slot can be represented by a day, hour or a minute. Each venue can have specific “opening hours” and nobody can book outside those hours. The extension can be extended and support more payment gateways, as all the payment types are represented by plugins.

Kety features:

-Easy installation and setup
-Payment time can be extended by custom plugins
-PayPal plugin, bank transfer plugin and Cash payment plugin are included in the package by default
-Multilingual extension – you can easily translate it and the data can be translated as well
-Completely Joomla native MVC extension following the best standards for easier modifications
-Booking can be in days, hours or minutes
-Visitors can book one or more venues in one order and pay it all together
-Customizable emails supported
-Sends email on booking status change
-Easy to complete booking process (one screen booking)
and much more