Almond Structured Articles

September 22nd, 2013

Almond Structured ArticlesAlmond Structured Articles is a plugin based on micro data definition. by using this plugin all of your Joomla! articles will be automatically formatted by schema data structure. Information such as article headline, article’s author, creation date, modification date, the name of the editor of the article and category of the article as well as article’s main body.

In the current version of the extension it is also possible to use the button plugin to apply some schema tags manually on your Joomla article by flagging the desired data using plugin wrappers that will automatically be replaced by the correct tags while displaying the article at the front end.

This form of data structure is applied on your Joomla! articles by using the information provided from within the existing structure of a Joomla! article and is automatically added to all articles except those you exclude from the admin panel of the plugin.

One of the most important benefits of adding micro data structure to your HTML markup would be easing and facilitating the work for bots to crawl your page and to recognize and associate these data to the correct classification by knowing what type of data you are presenting.

As the result of such date association the search engine results appear differently while they include these kinds of articles in the entities. For instance when you search for the related keywords you may see that some extra information along with images appear in those entities , this kind of snippet is called rich snippet rather than common snippet withdrawn from article’s meta description in the terminology of SEO.

After installing and enabling this plugin you can control the Meta you want to add as well as the articles which you prefer to keep their common structure by adding their id numbers into exclusion list separated by commas.

Tags which can be added to the articles are:
… Article content …
suggesting that the current data record is a parent item of type: Thing > CreativeWork > Article

meta headline
suggesting the headline property of this article is ……

meta editor
suggesting the name of the editor of this article is ……

meta articleSection
suggesting the category of this article is ……

meta author
suggesting that the author of this article is ……

meta dateModified
meta dateCreated
meta datePublished
All suggesting corresponding dates of the article

suggesting the body part of the article by wrapping the article’s main body text in span tags.

supported Manual tags in this version are:

citation : URL, name
content location : description, name, image, address, telephone