December 9th, 2013

AlpclubAlpclub is a collection of Joomla! extensions (one component, one module, two plugins) for the management of the activities of an Alpine Club (ory any other Club involved in the organization of outdoor activities) through the administrative interface and the frontend of a Joomla! website. In particular:

– Manage the social activities:
– manage one or more groups inside the Club;
– manage a members list, the events and activities – organized into categories, difficulty and group;
– manage a members list and syncronize it with the Joomla users.
– collect subscriptions and fees in a cashbook;
– manage cashbook entries in different categories;
– Advertise the activities of the Club in the public website;
– publish and view a list of all the groups;
– publish and view a list of the activities by group and year;
– show a detailed description of each single activity with titles, text and images;
– it is possible to customize the activity views through the parameters.
– Users can register for the activities online through the site frontend.
– PayPal native support to collect registration fees during online registrations with Pay Now buttons.

All this is possible through the same Joomla! user interface familiar to all Joomla! users and administrators.