AlphaUserPoints – Next Rank

May 13th, 2013

AlphaUserPoints - Next RankThis module was designed for use with AlphaUserPoints component – the popular refferal user points system. Helps to this module you can spur your users to rise their activity on the site.
Attention: works with default AlphaUserPoints ranks only.

It can display:
– current points of user
– current rank level icon
– next rank level icon
– amount of points user need’s to get next rank
– between levels position progress bar with selectable colors
+ since v 2.1.0 respect AUP>=1.8.1 points format settings.

you can set some additional appearance parameters in back-end like text color, progress-bar direction, etc.

The most exclusive feature for those languages which contains more than two plural forms (eg. 3 in Russian). Take a look at support forum how to set up this feature.

Note: You have to create account for demo purpose, because of this module nature (guest users can’t have points and ranks in AlphaUserPoints)