December 9th, 2013

AlphaUserPointsThe first complete Referral User Points System for

– Joomla 2.5.x
– Joomla 3.x

With AlphaUserPoints component, you can distribute, assign or remove points to registered users according to some of its actions and activities on your website. AlphaUserPoints acts as an incentive promoting participation of users. Users often strive for more recognition, as well as competition. It’s also usefull for contest, challenge, participation, game or online store!
AlphaUserPoints include a complete system of ranks and medals. Both can be combined. Ranks and medals can be assigned automatically with points or awarded manualy in backend component.
This component has its own component for invite which can also be used by non-registered users (based on AlphaRecommend). Possibility to integrate in Community Builder or JomSocial.
Building easily communities using AlphaUserPoints!

Features list:

Easy to use Administration interface like Joomla!
– Raffle system
– Possibility expire date for rules (useful for campaigns)
– Auto-approve system
– Max Daily Points
– Invite/recommend system integrated
– OpenInviter supported to invite/recommend
– Buy points with Paypal
– Change user level by system points
– System ranks and medals included
– Statistics per user
– Details actions per user
– Sync. users
– Recalculate function
– Reset all points function
– Max points for winners
– Coupon codes points
– Purge expires points
– Exclude users (useful for admin)
– Export active users (CSV)
– Export e-mails (CSV)
– Support third plugins
– Provide API for third components
– Possibility to integrate in Community Builder and CBE
– Integration Uddeim
– Integration JomSocial
– Integration rules for Kunena
– Integration JomWALL
– QRCode for Coupon code
– Template email for invite
– Language support
– Support Joomla! core SEF
– Easy install by one step
– MVC development
– Plugins System to extend features

You can see some examples of integration (CB, Kunena, VirtueMart, Joomunity, JomSocial, etc…) on forum.

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Just enter this code in registered form on registration step.