Alter Glossary

July 28th, 2013

Alter GlossaryExtremely powerful and full-featured glossary component for Joomla!


– Advanced performance optimization
– Frontend edit and creation of terms.
– Highlighting of terms in Joomla articles and K2 items (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories) in article page and category articles listings, categories descriptions and custom HTML modules.
– Separating of term full title and abbreviation (only abbreviation is highlighted in content).
– Alphabet filtering of terms with ability to configure preferred letters, separate letters into lines and add spacing between letters. Missed alphabet letters can be auto-disabled.
– Search filter for tags with optional advanced search methods “Contains”, “Begins with”, “Exact” and “Sounds like”.
– “Sounds like” search method can use combinations of Soundex, Metaphone and Daitch-Mokotoff (works with Cyrillic terms) phonetic algorithms.
– Bootstrap Tooltip or Bootstrap Popover types of tips for highlighting terms in content with configurable tip placement (top, bottom, left or right). Optional wrapping of highlighted term into a link to individual term page.
– Native Joomla permissions system for creating, editing, editing state and editing own terms.
Nested terms categories, optional frontend display of terms counts in category.
– Up to 5 configurable links for term, list of related links is displayed in individual term page.
– Related terms feature
– Next/Previous terms links in individual term page.
– Ability to configure list of HTML tags where terms won’t be highlighted (essential feature for keeping your titles and links clean).
– Case-sensitive / case-insensitive term highlighting with global setting and individual term setting.
– Ability to highlight term only once in text with global setting and individual term setting.
– Option to auto-fill meta description of term page with term’s definition text.
– Option to auto-add page terms to meta keywords of content item page.