Amazing MP3 Player

December 12th, 2013

This amazing expanding music player is the best choice for your site. Comes with three ways to start when is loading (minimized, only player and expanded – see the three demos). It’s easily resizable, easy to customize and you can disable the tooltips if you want.

New Feature: From now you have possibility to load multiple instances of the same module on the same website!!!


You can choose between showing player maximized or minimized on load;
You can choose between showing or hiding the playlist on load;
You can set the player position and consequently the direction in which it will expand (center/left/right);
You can offset the tooltip position on X, Y axis, in regards to the mouse cursor;
You can change the text captions for all the player actions (eg. Jump to, Open Playlist etc.);
You can change the playlist title (eg. Music Playlist);
You can change the playlist scroll acceleration multiplier;
You can set initial volume when starting the player;
You can set the buffer time (required buffer time before playback begins);
You can change the playlist width and height;
You can toggle the tooltips on/off;
Auto play on/off (start playing on load or start paused);
For each song you can set the mp3 path, song name and artist;
Support special characters (âùæçéèêëîïôœûüÜÛÙŒÔÏÎËÊÈÉÇÆÄÂÀ).