Andrea Gallery

August 3rd, 2013

Andrea GalleryAndrea Gallery is module for joomla 2.5. It has various features which are listed as below:

(1) Sleek fade in effect for images.
(2) Multiple instances of same module on one page.
(3) Automatically pauses on Mouseover.
(4) Stop rotation of slideshow after x cycles.
(5) Unique pattern to include images and their descriptions in the module.

How to include images in the gallery module?
(1) Please follow this pattern:
[“PATH_OF_IMAGE”, “IMAGE_URL(optional)”, “HYPERLINK_TARGET(optional)”, “DESCRIPTION(optional)”]
Where PATH_OF_IMAGE is Path to image, IMAGE_URL is url for image, HYPERLINK_TARGET is target for hyperlink and DESCRIPTION is Description.

NOTE: IMAGE_URL, HYPERLINK_TARGET and DESCRIPTION are optional, if you don’t need any thing there, just enter a blank string (“”) for them.