Angular 2: an MIT Open Source Licensed Framework

January 11th, 2016

Guest-blogger Max Sills is an attorney in Google’s Open Source Office, and our expert on all things legal related to Angular.  Enjoy!  – Naomi

As of beta.2 this week, we’re moving Angular 2, its related libraries, and any code snippets and examples to the MIT license.

Open source licenses are meant to protect developers by making it clear how code can be used. We want developers to be confident that they can use, fork, modify, and extend Angular without worry.

At Google we prefer to license new projects under the Apache 2 license because we feel it gives the most rights to developers and creates a strong legal scaffold for projects to grow and thrive. However, what we’ve heard from users in the Angular community is that you prefer the MIT license. It’s more widely used within JavaScript projects, it’s shorter, and it’s better understood.

So, we’re changing Angular back to the MIT license.

Happy coding.