Angular Weekly Meeting Notes

November 10th, 2017

Angular team meeting notes for July 10!

  • Higher level API for rehydrating a HTTP cache on the client base on data queried on the server using the low-level API – – Low-level API providing a key-value store you set up on the server becomes available in client – – Adding Lighthouse support to CLI so you know…
  • New zone release this week to fix some other bits, but doesn’t affect public API – – Working on a plan to make better performance for apps on AngularJS and Angular through ngUpgrade by making zones smarter – – Landed namespacing change so teams can have both v1 and v2…
  • Last week blogged that we prefer ‘Angular’ for v2.x+ and ‘AngularJS’ for v1.x – – Intention is that this becomes part of Angular CLI in March/April as part of the Angular v4 release – – New process for design docs.
  • The “2” is no longer useful as SEMVER means we’ll be upgrading our major version 2x / year – – Much of team is in China or Japan at conferences this week – – Spoke at ng-be about Angular 4 to help folks understand major releases are low-stress events –…
  • New CLI would be a shell over this new toolkit – – Existing projects with large scope needs what we have in the CLI but being called by a different tool chain – – Talked about Cypress e2e testing framework – Julie/Igor will investigate more vs what we’re doing with…

Vojta brought up some points that we don’t yet have plans to solve some problems we see in larger apps.  In particular, how developers can reason about data flow within an app.

Brad has details on how to give kudos (in cash!) to external contributors

Announced Angular Labs as label for stuff that is ready to test but whose API may change. Includes:

Want to make sure team members know it’s critical to say when conduct is “not cool”

Make CLI fast in watch mode. Current tsc ~2sec. There’s some bug where they recompute too much.

Adds new injector ‘import’ feature that lets you load services by stub/proxy that resolves at runtime when used

Could serve as lower-surface way to start in Angular by just creating reusable components as custom elements

Angular is currently good at consuming custom elements but there’s no way to easily create them from Angular components

CLI: Just waiting on faster ngc to see if AOT will be default or optional

Created as a service we hope gets integrated in other online editors (we don’t want to compete)

Plan to later release as generic functionality for automated refactoring tasks for anyone

Plan is to use inside CLI first to reduce complexity and code size

Work is in progress, nearly done, but needs security review.

Higher level API for…

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